An “Odour Management System” (OMS) has been developed to generate graphical predictions of dilution of gas from emission sources on a “real-time” basis. Particular focus has been on odour from the open working face at landfills. An OMS has been implemented at Bisasar Road landfill site in Durban, South Africa. The predictions of dilution are displayed in graphical form on a PC (Personal Computer) on-site at Bisasar Road. Durban Solid Waste (DSW) initiated the research behind the development of the OMS in an attempt to minimise the impact of odour from the landfill on the communities neighbouring Bisasar Road landfill site.

This paper briefly introduces Bisasar road landfill site and reviews the problems associated with odour and the impact on residents living near the landfill site. Attempts to determine the emission rate and concentration of odour from the uncovered working face (“fresh waste gas”) are discussed. The sampling done and results obtained are reviewed. This paper also describes the OMS and its components. Full details of the research carried out during the development of the OMS as well as detailed information on the OMS and its applications can be found in Laister (2002). This paper describes how the community is being used to validate predictions.