Hydrological Modelling

Estimation of flood hydrology requires the calculation of river flow peaks (or hydrographs) from observed or modelled design floods of a specified return period. In the UK, hydrological modelling is undertaken using standard guidance from the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) and subsequent updates. This modelling uses the catchment characteristics in combination with UK rainfall estimates to predict the likely flood water runoff during a heavy rainfall event.

At Water Environment, we hold a wide range of hydrological software, including the latest versions of the Flood Estimation Handbook and WINFAP-FEH for statistical modelling in the UK. Our expert team are up-to-date on the newest FEH and ReFH2 methodologies. We also undertake hydrological modelling using a wide range of other engineering techniques for any part of the world, including drought analysis and reservoir sizing.