Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

For any major development it is now expected that surface water is managed through the implementation of SUDS and there is a requirement to undertake a SUDS assessment for planning purposes. This is usually required for larger sites (greater than 1000m²) and those proposing over ten dwellings.

Sustainable drainage can be implemented at single property scale, through addition of green roofs, soakaways or permeable paving, or at a site-wide scale, through incorporation of large infiltration devices and natural methods such as balancing ponds or wetlands. Early consideration of sustainable drainage measures can ensure successful incorporation into the site layout and ensure sensitive and cost-effective design. Many of the sustainable drainage methods can also have wider amenity or ecological benefits.

Water Environment can provide advice on the use of suitable sustainable techniques such as green roofs, soakaways, permeable paving, swales and ponds.