Flood Warning and Evacuation Plans

Flood evacuation plans can be complex. They must conform to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and meet the requirements of the Local Planning Authority and the Environment Agency. They should also consider and complement existing local flood plans and measures.

A robust flood evacuation plan will enable you to:

  • Safely evacuate large numbers of people
  • Define areas of responsibility for those participating in evacuation procedures
  • Establish implementation procedures
  • Reduce risk to life
  • Reduce financial loss resulting from a flood event
  • Comply with planning requirements

Flood and evacuation plans may differ across various business or development types such as; camping and caravanning sites, supermarkets, leisure and recreational complexes, housing developments, businesses and schools.

Water Environment can help you to understand the impact of flood risk to your residential property or business, and prepare detailed evacuation plans to ensure that residents or staff are sufficiently prepared and know how to respond in an emergency.