Groundwater Analysis

Groundwater and surface water bodies are connected and due consideration must be given to risks associated with water above and below the ground surface. Unseen and often forgotten, groundwater can pose a number of problems to potential development sites, from flood risk to basements to potential water quality and contamination issues.

The British Geological Survey hold bedrock and superficial geology maps of the whole of the UK. The physical ground conditions beneath a site have a number of implications, from the feasibility of soakaways to the installation of basements. Check your site geology.

Water Environment can provide assessment on the likely risks to your development from groundwater, and can provide advice on how your development can work with local ground conditions. Our specialist team of engineers and scientists also have experience in assessment of potential impact of proposed development groundwater bodies, including flow to abstraction boreholes and groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and quality risk to linked water supply and habitats.