High Street, Stratford, Bromley-By-Bow

ClientStratford High Street Developments
Key PersonnelTony Clothier, Guy Laister, Fiona Parry
Project typeMixed-use development adjacent to the River Lee and Bow Back River, c174 dwellings and 1,500m2 commercial
SkillsetFlood Risk Assessment, Environment Agency technical negotiations, development adjacent to Environment Agency Main River, defended floodplain

Water Environment Limited was commissioned to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for the proposed £31million mixed-use redevelopment of a site on High Street, Stratford.

The site lies in Flood Zones 2 (1 in 1000 year floodplain) and 3 (1 in 100 year floodplain), and a Flood Risk Assessment was therefore required to quantify the risk of flooding on the site and assess the impact of the development on flood risk. The site is bound to the west by the River Lee (Lea) and to the north by the Bow Back River. Detailed negotiations were required with the Environment Agency regarding current and future flood defence arrangements on the site and the layout of the proposed development in relation to the watercourses. Following these technical negotiations, the Environment Agency did not object to the proposed development.