Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board

Key PersonnelTony Clothier, Nick Moult
ClientLower Severn Internal Drainage Board
Project typeSite specific drainage analysis, Catchment scale drainage strategy, Hydraulic modelling
SkillsetHydrology, Hydraulic modelling, Flood Risk Assessment, Drainage analysis, Channel design, Engineering supervision during construction

Water Environment Limited are the framework consultants to the Lower Severn Internal Drainage Board, who manage a complex network of historical drainage channels (known as “Rhines”) draining the Avonmouth area into the Severn Estuary. In addition to being on-call consultants for any flooding issues which may arise, Water Environment are responsible for all 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling of LSIDB drainage network using Infoworks CS and Infoworks ICM 2D, and for representing the LSIDB in disputes and technical matters relating to drainage. We retain a detailed area-wide hydraulic model which covers the entire LSIDB area. Regular involvement includes model updates to reflect new development in the area, testing of scenarios for developers on behalf of the LSIDB, specification and implementation of catchmentwide drainage strategy, meetings and discussions with developers, South Gloucester District Council, Bristol City Council and the Environment Agency.