River Wey Bank Stabilisation

ClientThe Wisley
Key PersonnelGuy Laister, Dianne Western, Nick Sibbett, Claire Burroughs, Julie Bywater
Project typeWater Framework Directive Assessment, River Corridor Survey, Macroinvertebrate survey and Flood Risk Assessment
SkillsetWaster Framework Directive, Hydrology, Hydromorphology, River Corridor Survey, Macroinvertebrate survey, Flood Risk Assessment, analysis of fish data, Environment Agency technical negotiations, Environment Agency Flood Defence Consent
StatusUnder construction

Water Environment Limited and The Landscape Partnership formed a successful partnership to secure Environment Agency Flood Defence Consent for bank stabilisation works along the River Wey in Surrey. The Wisley is a private members golf club in Surrey, ranked in the top 100 golf courses in England. The Wisley is currently remodelling part of the golf course, and works include stabilising banks of the River Wey. The River Wey is a Main River and Environment Agency Consent was required for the works. Due to historical realignment of the watercourse, erosion has been occurring on the outside bends resulting in unstable banks. Instead of reinforcing the banks using hared engineered solution, the golf course remodelling has incorporated reprofiling the banks to an approximate 20o slope. Established coir rolls will be planted at the water’s edge, supported by planted coir carpets behind. The banks will be hydro-seeded with a wildflower mix. The works will create a range of riparian habitats, and increase flood storage capacity in the channel. Supporting studies include a River Corridor Survey, Macroinvertebrate survey, Water Framework Directive Assessment (incorporating fish data analysis and hydromorphology) and Flood Risk Assessment. Two consents have been granted for different aspects of the work, and construction has recently commenced.