Waterside View, Site C Canada Water, London

ClientConrad Phoenix (Canada Water) Ltd
Key PersonnelGuy Laister, Nick Moult
Project TypeMixed-use development including c10,650m2 retail and 437 dwellings adjacent to Canada Water
SkillsetFlood Risk Assessment, Site drainage strategy using SUDS, Water Resources, Environmental Impact Assessment
StatusPlanning permission granted

Water Environment Limited was commissioned to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment and prepare an Environmental Statement chapter covering Flood Risk, Drainage and Water Resources, for the proposed mixed-use redevelopment of ‘Site C’ in Canada Water, London.

The site lies in Flood Zone 1 (less than 0.1% annual probability of flooding), however it covers 2.2ha and a Flood Risk Assessment was therefore required to assess the impact of the development on flood risk and water resources. A detailed drainage strategy was developed, incorporating the use of SUDS to ensure that runoff from rainfall events with return periods up to 100 years (including climate change) is managed onsite, and peak runoff rates meet the requirements of the Environment Agency and the Mayor of London. Following negotiations, the Environment Agency did not object to the proposed development, and planning permission was granted in 2010. The ES chapter on Water covered Flood Risk, Drainage and Water Resources. Both the construction and occupational stages of the development were considered.